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Department Functions
          1. Tree Trimming
          2. Street Light Repairs
          3. Traffic Signal Repairs
          4. Concrete/Asphalt Repair
          5. Emergency Response
          6. Weed Abatement
          7. Special Projects
Street Light Repairs
Need street address or exact location of corner, i.e. NE corner, SW corner. Please give detailed information describing the problem with the light, i.e. on/off, completely off, or on during the day. The City maintains about 600 street lights. In addition, Southern California Edison (SCE) owns 520 other lights in the City which they maintain. Report ALL street light problems, SCE and City lights, to the City Yard.
Street Sweeping Services

The City of Loma Linda is divided into four street sweeping zones.  The streets in each zone are swept once a month.  

Attached is a copy of the Street Sweeping Zone Map.

Street Sweeping Zone Map Adobe PDF
Tree Maintanence
Specific instructions should be given when requesting tree maintenance, such as trimming, topping, bringing up lower branches. A request for tree removal requires City approval. When the tree is approved for removal, the work is scheduled. The two step procedure consists of cutting the tree down and then removal of the stump.
Traffic Signal Repairs

Need direction of travel and time of day that problem is occurring.  Traffic signals during peak traffic hours (7am to 9pm) will give heavier traffic preference.  Evening traffic hours (4pm to 6pm) will also give heavier traffic preference. Redlands and Anderson signals are coordinated with the CALtrans timing plan.

When reporting concrete/asphalt problems please give exact location - address if possible or nearest address, including a detailed description of the existing problem.

The following are deemed as emergencies (immediate response):

  • Fuel spills
  • Flooding
  • Tree/Branch in roadway
  • Traffic accidents
  • Street cave-ins
  • Power lines down