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Business License

City of Loma Linda Business License

It is a requirement of the City of Loma Linda that any business, trade, profession, calling or occupation conducting business within the City should procure a Business License. As stated in the City of Loma Linda Municipal Code, Chapter 5 (Link to M.C.), a Business License is a business tax paid to the City in order to conduct business legally within the City limits. The purpose of the license is to generate revenue for the City to provide Street maintenance, police and fire protection, and many other community services. To avoid the assessment of penalties your license must be obtained prior to conducting business. The cost of a business license varies on the type of business. Please contact the Finance Department, Business License Technician at (909) 799-2846.

To obtain a business license application you can come to City Hall at 25541 Barton Road, Loma Linda, CA 92354 or download a PDF version from this web-site.

Please note that depending on the type of business you are conducting you may need to obtain other permits from the City of Loma Linda and/or other governmental agencies. The following are some of the permits that may be necessary for your business.

Other City Permits that may be required
  • If your business will be located in a commercial or industrial zone you will need to obtain a Land Use Change of Occupancy Permit from the Community Development Department (909) 799-2830.
  •  If you will be conducting business from your home, located within the City of Loma Linda, you will need to obtain a Home Occupation Permit from the Community Development Department (909) 799-2830.
Permits that may be required by the State of California
  • Any sales of tangible items may require a seller's permit from the California Department of Tax and fee Administration (CDTFA)-website at If you already have a valid seller's permit, but it is not registered to a Loma Linda address, you will need to file a change of address with the State (1-800)400-7115.
  • If you claim contractor status on your business license application, proof of a Contractor's License from the State Contractor's Licensing Board will be required.

 If your business name is other than your own name you will need to file a Fictitious Business name with the San Bernardino County Clerk

  •  County of San Bernardino 222 W. Hospitality Lane, 1st floor San Bernardino, CA 92408 (909) 387-8307.


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