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Neighborhood Watch

"Our mission is to build a closer community with Neighborhood Watch, utilizing all available resources to create a proactive community-police partnership for crime prevention and problem solving in each community. What’s in it for you? Safer streets and homes, community spirit, bring neighbors together, stronger relationships with law enforcement, and so much more.

Often Neighborhood Watch groups get started because there have been incidents in their neighborhood that have caused concern such as, vandalism, burglaries, or auto thefts. Neighborhood Watch is the most successful program in reducing these types of crime. A successful Neighborhood Watch should result in a sense of ownership by members of each community.

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch group in your community, contact Sheriff Service Specialist Sylvia Beasley at (909) 387-3786.
Link to San Bernardino County Sheriff's Web Site The Neighborhood Watch Program 
Contact Person: 
Sylvia Beasley
Loma Linda Sheriff Service Specialist 
[email protected]
Neighborhood Watch PDF

Public Information 
(909) 824-0680
(909) 387-3623
[email protected]