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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia

Public Works




Engineering Services- including capital improvement project management, development review, and facilities management.

Field Services-street, sidewalk and street lighting maintenance, tree trimming, landscaping, park maintenance, graffiti removal, and sign repair.

Utility Services- provides the City with safe and reliable drinking water, maintains water and sewer system components, and addresses all water service customer needs.

Fleet Services-maintains all City vehicles and equipment including fire apparatus.

After Hour Emergencies -If you have a water, sewer, or street emergency after business hours, please call (909) 799-2800 and follow the prompts.


The City of Loma Linda, Public Works Corporation Yard, 26000 Barton Road, is a Certified Collection Center (CCC) for used motor oil through annual certification from the CIWMB – California Integrated Waste Management Board. As such, this program is available to any resident of San Bernardino County the means to dispose of used motor oil at no cost.

The Public Works Corporation Yard Hours of Operation

 Monday-Thursday  from 6:00 AM-4:30 PM. Used oil cannot be accepted after these hours.

Residents can bring in up to twenty (20) gallons of used motor oil per day. Used motor oil is defined as motor vehicle oil or automatic transmission fluid or diesel oil or any combination/mixture of these (i.e. any basic oil).

Used oil cannot be mixed with water, antifreeze, gasoline/diesel fuels, brake/power steering fluid, solvents, paints, varnishes, household chemicals, kitty litter, etc. Used oil mixed with these items is considered to be a household hazardous waste and must be disposed of accordingly. In addition, City personnel has and will exercise the right to examine any used oil being brought in to the center.

 If oil show signs of layering, dirt, or debris floating in it, or if it has an unusual color or odor (e.g. appears contaminated), the City will not accept it but instead will provide the number/location of County of San Bernardino Fire Department, Household Hazardous Waste Division.

The City does not accept oil containers or oil filters.

The City does not accept used oil from businesses.

For questions about disposing household hazardous wastes, please contact County of San Bernardino Fire Department Household Hazardous Waste Division at 1-800-OILY CAT or (909) 382-5401.