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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia

Parking Control

The City of Loma Linda has been tasked by its citizens to maintain and enforce a viable and fair Parking Control Program due to the limited parking spaces available on public city streets. This program is managed by the Fire Department/Parking Control Division and represents a major commitment by the division to provide an equitable enforcement effort. 

Several important points of information must be understood by individuals who benefit from the program, and also by those who receive citations. These points of information become the basis upon which the program operates:

  • The parking control program is intended to give everyone an equal opportunity to use the available spaces in public areas and also on the residential streets in other portions of the city. All parking spaces on any public street are in the public domain and regulated by the elected government authority having jurisdiction. The Residential Parking Permit Program and Regulated Timed Parking Zones are two prime examples of adopted legislation enforcement efforts to balance the needs of the City’s public parking.
  • The Parking Control Program’s primary enforcement effort is to obtain voluntary compliance with existing regulations adopted by the City Council. The financial deterrent which is an obvious part of this effort is often misunderstood by the recipient of a citation. Although the city does realize a revenue source from enforcement efforts it is not its primary objective.

An effective parking enforcement program must protect and fairly apportion scarce parking space for all legitimate users by insuring that those who violate parking regulations realize their error and are induced to voluntarily comply in the future. Initial fines and Penalties for non-payment of citations must be strong enough to discourage violators from being scofflaws. For repeat offenders who fail to voluntarily observe parking regulations and fail to pay outstanding parking fines, booting, towing and impounding should be expected consequences.

Parking Permit Requirements
Parking Permit Application

If you are having difficulty submitting the application, please click HERE to e-mail for assistance.

To submit a Parking Enforcement Complaint, please click here.
Complaints that are made anonymously will not be investigated. The reporting party must give accurate and comprehensive information. If there are any questions, the officers will be able to conduct a full investigation.  The identify of the complainant will not be revealed; however, a Court Order may do so.

For those who appeal a citation, the appeal process should be just and timely; it must contribute to the overall goal of obtaining voluntary compliance and discouraging illegal parking by enforcing parking regulations while providing a fair and impartial hearing for all.
A citation may be appealed at