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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia

Parking Control Protocol

Residential Parking Permit Zone Protocol Sheet (Obtaining a Residential Parking Permit)

City of Loma Linda Civic Center
Public Safety Department
25541 Barton Rd., Loma Linda, CA 92354

Open Monday - Thursday 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM 
Parking Enforcement Division: 909-799-2850

To provide reasonable and convenient parking for the benefit of the residents, and  to encourage non- resident vehicles to park in designated off-street parking facilities.

Policy and Procedures

    All permits will be restricted:
    a. To appropriate zones the permit allows you to park only on your street.
    b. To registered vehicle(s) as listed on permit application.
    c. Eligibility to receive a parking permit is to be based upon proof of residence and upon proof that requesting person and/or the registered owner of the subject vehicle has paid in full any outstanding parking violations.

    At no cost to qualified applicant, one permit per registered vehicle(s), with matching name as appears on registration slip and acceptable proof of residence.

    Valid proof of residence documentation within the Residential Parking Permit Zone must be provided at the time of application.
    Documentation accepted as proof of residence may be satisfied by any TWO (2) of the following:

    a. Picture ID with address matching permit address.
    b. Vehicle registration with matching permit address (See No. 4).
    c. Original rental agreement naming applicant residing at the permit address (copies not accepted). Applicant’s name must appear on original rental agreement.
    d. Copy of utility bill for service (dated 30 days or less) by the listed tenant(s) at the permit address (i.e., Gas, Electric, Water/Sewer), Cable and Telephone invoices will not be accepted
    e. Homeowner, a Tax Assessor’s notice or Deed of Trust.
    f. Provide proof of current student enrollment.

    Bring in a current DMV registration slip for each vehicle which is registered to the person(s) residing within the Residential Parking Permit Zone. The address of the DMV registration form must match the street address for which a permit is being applied for. THE PERMIT MUST BE DISPLAYED on the inside of the driver side (left corner) or from the rear view mirror on the issued plastic hanger.

    A single permit (designated guest) may be issued (within established protocols) upon request of the applicant. This is intended to be used by occasional visitors and must be displayed immediately upon their arrival. Guest permits MUST be hung from the rear view mirror and will only be valid at the designated address of the applicant. Loaning out of any permit for other than visitor to your residence will be cause to invalidate ALL permits issued to your address.

    Administrative policy allows (with PRIOR arrangements) for permit privileges for large parties, family reunions, long term house guests, etc. for situations which require additional permit privileges. Each situation will be evaluated when a request is received.

    a. New tenants must make application for NEW Permits. All previous permits issued at a given address will be invalidated and tracked by computer.
    b. Lost permits may be replaced at a cost of $5/each. Documentation shall be required and provided as for new permits.

    Permits are only to be used as long as the applicant resides in a dwelling unit qualified for such permit. Upon change of residence, applicant is required to return (in person or by mail), the permit to the City of Loma Linda unless affixed to the bumper of vehicle. The permit is and remains the property of the City of Loma Linda.

* PERMITS EXPIRE SEPTEMBER 30 EVERY YEAR. Residents have the first two weeks of October to to obtain permits with valid proof of residence. Please note after the first two weeks of October all residents who do not comply will be cited.