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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia


TruckEnvironmental issues in our community are growing everyday and the City of Loma Linda is constantly searching for proactive and cost-effective solutions to battle against these environmental issues. 

In the quest for assuring a clean and healthy environment for its residents, the City of Loma Linda asks all residents to play a vital role in helping to bring about positive environmental change and to protect precious economic and natural resources in the community. 

The City offers several environmental programs to help residents. The Residential Recycling & Waste Reduction Program assist residents in diverting materials away from our local landfills and back into productive use. In addition, the City has the Storm water Program to protect the local waterways from pollution and enhance water quality in Loma Linda. The City is also involved in programs that encourage residents to safely dispose of household hazardous waste products, used motor oil and other toxic chemicals. 

The main purpose of this website is to provide information to help residents to take easy steps to promote a healthy environment in their homes, neighborhoods and communities. It includes information regarding the City's pollution prevention programs, environmental resource and telephone listings for your reference.