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Crime Free Program

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

This program is specifically for management and property owners who care about their property and their residents. The program is designed to help residents, owners and the managers of rental property keep drug and illegal activity off their property.

You can be involved by participating in the San Bernardino County Crime Free Multi-housing Program to make your property a safe living environment for residents.

The program is divided into five phases and is facilitated by a member of your local law enforcement agency:
Phase I- Classroom Instruction
We will provide free classroom instruction to both manager and owner of your property.
Phase II- CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental design)
We use a minimum standard for complex security that can eliminate the possibility for criminal activity and immediately improve the safety of your complex.
Phase III- Sign Posting
After passing the CPTED Inspection, your property will be authorized to order Crime Free Multi-Housing Signs. The Signs should be placed in strategic locations throughout your property in order to deter crime.
Phase IV- Tenant/Manager Meeting
A Tenant/Manager meeting is scheduled to bring managers, tenants and local law enforcement together to inform tenants on the Crime Free Multi-housing Program.
Phase V- Final Certification
A final Certification is issued showing that the property has completed all phases of the program.

For further information contact:
The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
Sheriff Service Specialist
(909) 387-3786