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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia


How it Began...

The Loma Linda Fire Department originated in 1929.  Its origination stemmed from the Loma Linda
University Fire Department which was organized on August 28, 1922.  In 1929 a constitution forming
the Loma Linda Fire Department was adopted.  The staffing consisted of 38 volunteers; one (1) Fire Chief, one (1) Assistant Chief, six (6) Captains, six (6) Lieutenants, and 24 Firefighters who staffed two (2) truck companies, one (1) chemical auxiliary and one (1) police company.

At that time Loma Linda was a Township split into five (5) fire districts; District 1 - Sanitarium Hill,
District 2 - College Division, District 3 - South Side of City, District 4 - West Side of City and Ladera Street and District 5 - Pepper Street, Court Street, Ohio Street and Colton Avenue.  A steam whistle at the fire station would alert the volunteers as to which district the fire was located.  Some of the original
equipment consisted of “pumpers” (Seagrave and a Model "AA" Ford) and hose carts.  The Model "AA" is on exhibit in the Fire Department Museum along with other artifacts from the past.

In 1970 the City of Loma Linda was incorporated and the fire department staffing transformed into a combination department with both full-time and part-time members.

The fire station was originally based in the old Loma Linda University power plant at 10936 Parkland.
In 1982 the existing station was built at 11325 Loma Linda Drive and serves as Fire Station 251.  Fire Station 252 was opened in 2009 and is located at 10520 Ohio Street.



To this day the City of Loma Linda's Fire Department is a career department consisting of a Fire Chief,
three (3) Battalion Chiefs, six (6) Captains, nine (9) Engineers, and nine (9) Firefighter/Paramedics.

The average 48 hour shift consists of two (2) Captains, three (3) Engineers, three (3) Firefighter/Paramedics.  These personnel staff one paramedic engine companies, a paramedic truck company, and a paramedic squad.  Members also cross-staff a water tender, brush engine, all terrain response vehicle and an incident support apparatus.

During the week the population of Loma Linda grows from around 25,000 to almost 60,000 people which increases the call volume and tests the capabilities of the Department in coping with the influx.  A daytime engine (ME251) assist with this influx.

The Loma Linda Fire Department is an ever changing entity of the city and in order to stay current with the changes our personnel complete over 6,000 combined hours of continuing education/training per year.

Throughout the last 20 years the Loma Linda Fire Department has been a part of the state mutual aid
program, assisting with large disasters throughout the state such as the 1980 Panorama Fire which
destroyed over 400 homes and 600 acres in the San Bernardino area and the 1997 Narrows Fire
(Wrightwood) which burned over 18,000 acres.  More recently, the Department was deeply involved in the Grand Prix and Old Fires of 2003 and the Thomas Fire 2017.  The Loma Linda Fire Department continues tobe a highly called upon part of wildland strike teams and task forces.

Emergency Medical Response..

The majority of 911 calls in Loma Linda are medically related and our emergency medical service is one of our highest priorities.  On Labor day 2000, the City of Loma Linda embraced a new Paramedic Program.  We now respond with a Paramedic/ Firefighter on each unit.  This enables us to provide the citizens of Loma Linda with more advanced medical treatment in the quickest amount of time.

Currently we have nine career Firefighter/Paramedics, as well as Engineers, and Captains who keep up their paramedic certification.  The remainder of the department consists of certified Emergency Medical


Besides emergency response the Fire Department is responsible for fire hydrant testing, fire investigations, CPR/First aid courses and fire safety programs.  Department personnel are certified in heavy rescue, hazardous materials response, vehicle extrication, emergency medical services, and fire suppression in structural, high rise wild land and vehicle firefighting.

The Community Risk Reduction Division of the Fire Department is managed by the Fire Marshal and consists of Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, Parking Control and Animal Control

The City of Loma Linda is approximately 7.6 square miles.  Running through the city is a major freeway,
rail and fuel delivery pipeline, which requires a more comprehensive approach to dealing with large
disasters.  Throughout the year the Department coordinates disaster drills within the city to better prepare our businesses and hospitals as well as sharpen our skills as emergency personnel.

Firefighters regularly host tours of the fire stations for students of our local schools.  During these tours the students not only learn about the fire station, vehicles and firefighters, they frequently will actively
participate with tasks such as rolling hose or even squirting a real fire hose!  A favorite of everyone,
Sparky the fire dog usually makes a guest appearance too.

Thank You...

From all the personnel from Administration, Prevention, and Suppression, the Loma Linda Fire Department would like to thank you for your interest and continued support. Keep checking back for more information about LLFD.