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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia

Legal References

L.L.M.C. 6.04.040 
Requires that all dogs over the age of four months, be wearing a current City of Loma Linda Dog License. Non resident dogs residing in the City for less than 30 days are not required to wear a Loma Linda License PROVIDED they are wearing a license for the jurisdiction in which they normally reside. City dog licenses are issued annually, from date of issue, expiring with the Rabies vaccination. One, Two or Three year tags may be purchased. A late fee of $15.00 is charged after 30 days after due date. 

L.L.M.C. 6.04.030 
Requires that all dogs over the age of four months, be currently vaccinated against Rabies. The vaccination must be State approved and administered by a licensed Veterinarian. The first rabies vaccination administered is good for one year. Second and subsequent vaccinations are good for three years. 

L.L.M.C. 6.04.090 
Requires that all dogs be leashed and under the control of a competent person at all times when not secured within an enclosure. 

L.L.M.C. 6.01.020. L. 
It is unlawful and shall constitute a public nuisance for any person to maintain within the City limits any animal, rooster or other noisy fowl that unreasonably disturbs the peace and comfort of the inhabitants of the neighborhood. 

L.L.M.C. 6.01.030 
It is unlawful to maintain more than four dogs and/or four cats in any residential occupancy.