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 QUESTION: How do I report a problem to the Public Works Department?

You can call directly at (909) 799-4410, during regular business hours, call (909) 356-3805, after business hours and follow the prompts, or click here to email your report. If website report is submitted after regular business hours, it will be viewed by a staff member on the next business day.

 QUESTION: Who do I call for an after hours water, sewer, or street emergency?

For after hours water, sewer, or street emergencies, please call (909) 356-3805 and listen to the prompts.

For these emergencies during business hours, please call (909) 799-4410.

 QUESTION: Where can I find information on the Barton Road Median Landscaping?
 ANSWER: Many residents and visitors to Loma Linda comment on the beautiful landscaping along the Barton Road median. Many request information on the landscaping and the plants that where used. We are happy to announce that free booklets are available at our City Hall providing details on the project.

 QUESTION: I have called three times and still the repair of my street light, tree trim, sidewalk repair has not been done. Why the delay? Have I been forgotten?
 ANSWER: No, you have not been forgotten. Each time you call it is noted on the original request and brought to the attention of the appropriate Superintendent. City repair items are put on a repair schedule. 

 QUESTION: Why can't I leave my used oil containers at the City Yard?
 ANSWER: The City is equipped to handle used oil only, it costs the City more money to recycle your used oil containers than for you to dispose of them in your own waste container. Anything the City can do to save money with your valuable tax dollars we will do.

 QUESTION: What is the limit on how many gallons of oil I can deposit daily?
 ANSWER: We allow a deposit of 5 gallons per day, anything over that you would then be considered a business and businesses are not allowed to dump at the City. Private businesses are required by law to follow used oil guidelines for handling of used oil.

 QUESTION: Whenever I call the City Yard, no one ever seems to be there to answer my call. What are the attendant hours?
 ANSWER: One office specialist works at the City Yard handling all calls and communication to other departments. If you reach the voicemail during office hours, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned promptly. Office hours at the City Yard are 6:00AM-4:30PM, Monday through Thursday.

 QUESTION: My water is off and I wasn't given any notice. What's going on?
 ANSWER: Most likely, there is an emergency water service repair and to take the time to notify residents would cause more of a delay in your water being turned back on. The city saves time and money by repairing the water leak immediately.

 QUESTION: The Landscape Maintenance District (LMD) areas are not being kept up and the areas are drying up. I pay extra taxes for this, but I'm not getting my money's worth. Can I stop paying the fees and do the work myself?
 ANSWER: No, the LMD was established by the voters who live in each LMD district and participation can only be removed by the voters in each district.

 QUESTION: If I have a meter leak and it is determined that it is the city's problem, do I have to pay for the used water from the leak?
 ANSWER: Please call our Finance Department and they can explain this in further detail, call 909-799-2845.

 QUESTION: When can I place my trash, green waste, and recycling carts out on collection days?

The carts shall be placed at its designated location no earlier than two hours before collection (collection begins at 6:00AM) or sundown prior to the date of collection. 

The carts shall be removed no later than 7:00PM the day of your collection or two hours after the carts are emptied, whichever is later. 

 QUESTION: Do I have to put out my recycling bins if they are not full?
 ANSWER: No. In fact, it is more efficient that you wait until they are full. Your trash rate will not be reduced if you do not put out your carts.

 QUESTION: Are there exemptions available if I can't bring my containers to the curb?
 ANSWER: Yes. Republic Services provides a "Wheel Out" services at no additional cost to handicap and elderly residents upon prior approval. Please call Republic Services at (909) 370-3377 

 QUESTION: What should I do if someone other than the recycling company take my recycling cart?
 ANSWER: Get a description of the person and/or the make/model of the vehicle and call the County of San Bernardino Sheriff at (909) 824-0680.

 QUESTION: Where should I store my garbage, green waste, and recycling carts?

Per Loma Linda Municipal Code 8.12.100 - Each refuse container shall be kept in or placed in such a manner as not to be visible from the public street.

 QUESTION: What is my collection schedule during the holidays?

Republic Services observes six major holidays. When any of these holidays is observed on a weekday, collection for the remainder of the week will be delayed by one day:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

 QUESTION: The wheel fell off my garbage cart. What do I do?
 ANSWER: Call Republic Services at (909) 370-3377. They will replace or repair broken carts at no charge.

 QUESTION: Can I save money by getting a smaller garbage container?
 ANSWER: The City offers two size trash carts: 68 gallon and 96 gallon. When you recycle more, you trash waste will be less. By switching to a smaller size trash cart, you will save money. Please contact the Finance Department at (909) 799-2840 for fee information and to switch cart containers.

 QUESTION: What do I do with syringes and hypodermic needles?
 ANSWER: They cannot be recycled or thrown in the garbage and must be disposed of properly. City Hall is a collection site for sharps/needles. They must be in an approved container. City will issue free sharps containers while supplies last. For more information, please call (909) 799-4400. County of San Bernardino Fire Department, Household Hazardous Waste Division, also accepts Sharps/Needles in approved containers. For info, call (800) OILY CAT.

 QUESTION: Why should business recycle?
 ANSWER: Recycling offers possible reductions in waste disposal costs. Recycling enhances a business’s image and goodwill for being environmentally responsible. Recycling also helps to promote employee teamwork

 QUESTION: If it is only one streetlight, one pothole, or one tree trimming, why can't the public works crew just go out and repair it today? Why do I have to wait?
 ANSWER: The Street Superintendent schedules streetlight, pothole, and tree trim maintenance. He reviews each request and schedules the work for each day.

 QUESTION: How do I keep my landscaping up and also save water?
 ANSWER: Read the PDF below and find out how!