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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia

Parking Permit Requirements

What is required to obtain a City Parking Permit?

Eligibility to receive a parking permit is to be based upon the following:

  1.  Proof of Residence
    Accepted documents as proof of residence (must have TWO of the following)
    • Picture ID with address matching permit address (example: Drivers License)
    • Vehicle registration with matching permit address
    • Original rental agreement naming applicant residing at the permit address (copies NOT accepted)
    • Utility Bill (dated 30 days or less) listing tenant at the permit address (example: Gas, Electric, Water/Sewer) Cable & Telephone bill's will NOT be accepted.
    • Homeowner, a Tax Assessor’s notice or Deed of Trust
    • Current student enrollment with permit address
    • Pay stub with permit address
  2. Proof of Current Vehicle Registration 
  3. Have a residence on the following streets:
    • Alamitos Street (between Evans St. & Campus St.)
    • Anderson Street (between Barton Rd & Lawton Ave)
    • Barton Road - north side, residential portion (between Anderson St. & Hillcrest Dr.)
    • Barton Frontage Road – south of Barton (between Campus St. & San Juan Dr.)
    • Bellaire Street (between Shepardson Dr. & Prospect Ave )
    • Benton Street – west side (between Prospect Ave & Barton Rd)
    • Campus Street – west side (between Alamitos St. & University Ave)
    • Campus Street (between Barton Rd & Lawton Ave)
    • Daisy Ave (between Campus St. Dead End)
    • Exeter Street (between Prospect Ave & Cal-de-sac)
    • Evans Street (between Alamitos St & University Ave)
    • Hillcrest (between Barton & Prospect)
    • Iris Street (between Daisy Ave & Tulip Ave)
    • LaMar Road (between Bellaire St & Benton St)
    • Poplar Street (between Shepardson Dr. & Prospect Ave)
    • Prospect Avenue (between Anderson St & Benton St)
    • San Juan Drive (between Stewart St & Barton Frontage Road, except east side between University Ave & San Marcos Dr)
    • San Lucas Drive (between San Marcos Dr & San Juan Dr, except east side between San Marcos Dr. & Prospect Ave.)
    • San Marcos Drive (between San Mateo St & Cul-de-sac)
    • San Mateo Drive (between University Ave & Rosarita St)
    • Shepardson Drive (between Dead End & Campus St)
    • Shepardson Drive (between Poplar St. & Benton St.)
    • Starr Street 
    • Stewart Street (between San Juan Dr. & Campus St.)
    • Taylor Court – east side (adjacent to 24850 Prospect Ave)
    • Taylor Street (between Bellaire St. & Benton St)
    • Tulip Ave (between Iris St. & Orange Grove St)
    • University Ave – north side (between San Juan Dr. & 24690 University Ave)