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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia

Can I use this for VoIP

Yes, with an external provider such as Vonage

Currently, the City of Loma Linda does not provide its own VoIP service, but our fiber optic infrastructure is completely compatible with the VoIP Protocol available from other service providers, such as Vonage.

Several of the technological aspects of the Loma Linda Connected Community Program help to make it one of the most unique programs in the Nation.

Fiber Optics
LLCCP is the only municipal program in the Nation, wholly run by a city rather than a PUD or Telco vendor, that utilizes fiber optics to provide its services. Utilizing this network the City plans to provide not only high-speed internet access, but voice and video services as well.

Fiber's Advantages
Fiber optics have many advantages over the more common copper networks (like cable, DSL, and dial-up). The biggest advantage is that fiber can support much higher bandwidths (more data) over a single strand. It is this that will enable the City to offer many services over the same cable without causing a bottleneck.

Free Space Optics
The City is also currently leveraging two laser-based wireless system links that can provide connectivity to developments and sites that do not yet have connectivity to the fiber backbone.